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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Clay Animals as Gift Embellishments

I had an idea for making some polymer clay animal figurine charms that can double as a gift wrap of gift bag embellishment as well as a little hanging keepsake for the recipient afterwards. My concept was to keep them slightly antique and also bordering more on the primitive side design wise. I feel this goes well with the "hand crafted" aspect of them :-)

I created a light turquoise running rabbit, and a running red fox so far. The idea came about when I wanted to make a small token gift for a family member. I really loved the result so it has driven me to continue the series.

Once I am done a major drawing project for May 1st, I will continue creating some variety of animals.

They are available through my Etsy shop currently. Shown below is how one may choose to embellish a wine bottle gift bag with them :-) How cool would it be to purchase the gift bag through Zazzle, some tissue paper through Zazzle, and the animal ornament charm through Etsy :-)




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