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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Web Friendly Website Help

My husband last night and this morn, was explaining to me some things about back end website work that is necessary to create a website that is search engine friendly, indexing robot friendly, bad robot deterrent, and such (most of which can be a little techy for me). For someone like himself, who built his own website, a lot more about the new code requirements, cascading styles, and all that, is needed to be understood.

I have my website through Weebly, still hosted through their domain, not my own domain having been purchased, so I figured that I don't need to worry about some of the technical back end side of coding and such, that Weebly would be handling that, since I was using their templates and web building tools which already have the code built in. I do understand some html and code stuff, but by no stretch of the imagination am I well versed in it all. My husband is much more advanced than I am, having built his own site years and years ago plus kept up on all the tech code and net changes that have occurred as the web and search engine optimization has grown and aged.

Here is a fantastic article on Weebly and how to submit and verify your Weebly hosted site with Google, by Nora Firestone.


Through Google webmaster tools, one is able to view really great stats such as how many link backs there are all over the net to your site, where those links are held, what rank your site has in the US search engines, UK, etc., how much your advertising would cost to gain the rank your site has, etc. 

There are also sites where you are able to check if a website is safe through Make Tech Easier website linked below, among other helpful tools.

Make Tech Easier - 4 Tools to Check if a Website is Safe

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