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Sunday, 22 February 2015

PYM II an Incredible Clear Coat!

Ok, I have to herald this product! I researched what to use to seal polymer clay pieces that have been painted or embellished with interference mica powders, etc. and I found out about PYM II, which stands for preserve you memories. I learned about it as an alternative to Sculpy satin glaze that you apply with a brush on The Blue Bottle Tree which is an invaluable resource for polymer clay product information.

I purchased my PYM II through Shades of Clay, a Canadian website, as PYM II is an aerosal and needs to be shipped by Ground method, it cannot go Air shipping, so I needed a seller in Canada where I am to purchase it from. I am thrilled to have found this on line company as it is wonderful and had a lot of products of interest to polymer clay artists. Their service is also excellent and one may use Paypal!

When I got my PYM, I looked at the label, and I was a bit dumbfounded lol! "Is this a knock off?!" lol! I went back to the images on line to make sure the label looked the same even. The label on my can looked home printed and the colour choices of red on blue made it look like a bad laser printing of bad design colour choices lol! However, design of packaging aside, it is indeed the Real thing and it is a fantastic product!!! I highly highly recommend using Only PYM for sealing polymer clay. I'd even mask to seal only a piece of a creation before using the brush on polymer clay satin clear coats from now on. Though I do own 20+ year old polymer jewellery (earrings) that have the Sculpy satin glaze on them, and are fine, PYM II is specially designed for polymer clay clear coating and has a much nicer, smooth, satin, even high end feel and look to its finish than any clay hand brushed glaze has.

5***** for PYM II

1* for the packaging design though it does not affect the quality of the product lol!

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