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Monday, 9 February 2015

Ordered my Best Selling Product - Red Rose Fade Out Wedding Invitation - and Finally, a Review!

Ok, well, maybe it would have been a Good idea to at least use mine and my husband's names rather than the sample names I chose when I designed it lol! However, I didn't think of it at the time. Our wedding was simple, we didn't need invitations lol!

Anyway, I used one of the sales coupon codes to order a single Elegant Red Rose Fade Out wedding invitation, which is one of my most popular selling items on Zazzle.

This invitation I designed on a Saturday afternoon, using a photo I had shot on a cold May 2011 day down at the harbour during a walk near our old apartment. It was a memorial bouquet of flowers wired to a public bench on the pier, a faded card made out to a loved one long run and faded by the elements. I had an idea that I wanted a black and white warmly toned fading to black area after changing the image to black and white but leaving the rose red. The rose was originally pink if I recall. First, I isolated the rose and made it red, then slightly cleaned up the shape and tones as well as the lines. I had to use layers in Photoshop, a newly learned from my husband skill, was this attempt to mask and use a brush to take away the black and white, to reveal the red rose on the layer below. I then had to again use a mask and a gradient to get the soft fade to black, manually sculpting the edge to create a shape I wanted, where it changes over to dark, melding it smoothly with the darks that are in the image.

This invitation was the result.

I decided to purchase one myself, buying the signature semi-gloss paper type.

Wow, the paper is high quality, and the image has a rich, deep, lush, high quality look with great value range. It was less a semi gloss though, a tiny bit more of a satin to satin matte, which is fine by me as it adds to the more "expensive" look that it seems to have. The colours are deeper and richer than appear on a screen, and the neutrals have a bit of a warm tint, though I feel this gives the invitation a more high end and high quality appearance than the image on the screen can do it justice. Paper chosen also does determine the outcome and look of any image, and of course I only ordered one paper type sample. The back was just as excellent, the text crisp and clear, colours clean and beautiful.

All in all, I was thrilled with the quality, as was my husband, both of us picky as sin artists lol!

And coincidently! I have had many orders of this invitation that I worked hard to design, learning new skills in Photoshop as I did, but I had yet not seen any reviews on it.

Anddddd ....... I could Not believe the timing! I look today at lunch, and there is a review! I am so happy!!!! I am so glad that it is a well received design and invitation! I cannot take all the credit since Zazzle has excellent quality papers and printing going out along with my design on them! I can atest since I finally ordered one myself to see my design in the "flesh" so to speak :-)

Thank you to my unknown buyer and all the best on your wedding day!

(name whited out to protect buyer privacy) and no, it Isn't me lol! I was Not going to review it because it'd just be taken for biased lol!

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