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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

New Animal Print Mash Ups

I can't give up on the animal print! I've loved it since the 80s. It seems to really never disappear but lucky for me, it's in again over the last year or 2. I have added a few pieces to my clothes closet that include animal print as a design element in their colourful patterns.

So it is no surprise that it plays a big part in my design interests as well!

In these designs, I wanted some subtle soft icy neutrals and I wanted more metallic effects. I took my older zebra stripe design that I made a year+ ago and I reworked it, embossing it, and creating a metallic effect. As well, I inverted to change the light source and have 2 pieces that are slightly opposite lit. Besides this, I wanted a more neutral, closer in value, satin look effect as well. Using mapping, I can alter the colours while controlling a smooth value transition in the design so no messy destroyed pixels to print all crappy like.

So far, I've added some of the new designs to lumbar pillows as the size and dimension works well with my pattern mash up idea, plus the design suits the product. Much better idea than putting them on baby bibs I suspect lol! never know!

I used some of my older suede designs to combine with the zebra prints. I do want to get into some icy pastels and also redo some of my old leopard print design with a similar look, as I have the time.

My latest lumbar pillow designs on Zazzle in my STORE!

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