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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Latest Polymer Clay Designs - Industrial Owl!

I have loved using industrial, hardware, unusual non-jewellery meant for items in my jewellery since about 1991, when I first discovered this medium of polymer clay. Most of my original designs leaned towards hammered distressed metal designs, faux metal, concepts like that. Shown at left here are one of the original pairs of Fimo earrings that I made back in 1991. Co-workers at the bank I worked for as a 20 something, purchased from me. These earrings have held up, with minor wear to their clear coat for over 20 years!

Presently, I am Still interested in now what is known as Industrial Chic and Steampunk type design! I like Industrial Chic before it was known as that lol! If only I had realized and bought myself some old junky steel shop storage cabinets, etc! I could have made something for my place out of them! Now, to buy that sought after stuff is too $$$$$$$ lol!

However, some cool hardware stuff easily can be used to create with, coupled with polymer clay :-) This Industriowl (shown here unfinished) is just one example of my own current original designs using such. As I create more industrial creature pendants, they will be available in my Etsy shop - POOLYGAMY

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