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Saturday, 28 February 2015

First Time With Resin!

Very happy with my first try with resin, combined with a polymer clay design I conceived and created

My idea was to make a heart shape that resembled a real found pitted and natural looking stone. I wanted to have the interior part, crumpled tin foil, show through a crater or hole in the heart rock. However, I did not want the foil left unprotected. I envisioned seeing it through a glass like surface. Hence, my research into crafter and jewellers resin.

I bought Ice resin from the Canadian site Shades of Clay, and yet again, perfect service! As soon as it arrived, I was so excited yet very apprehensive about using it. However, once I did, holy cow, was I thrilled! I plunged and mixed a small amount of resin into a throw away cup, stirred gently with a stick, let sit 5 mins, poured slowly into the crevice in my heart stone.

Since my heart stone has crevices and gaps I'm sure, in the foil and under it, and the resin being a liquid, creeps and crawls its way into those little openings, I had to allow the first pours to cure then remix a tiny bit and fill again so that it would stay up at the lip of the opening in my stone heart. Perfect glass surface fill for my tin foil element to show through excellently and remain immobile and perfect for all time :-)

Voila, my cool Crater Heart polymer clay pendant on waxed cotton rope and organza ribbon necklace with a toggle clasp! Available on Etsy in my shop.

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