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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

An Idea I am Excited About!

A friend recently moved to a new, awesome condo and I wanted to make her something for her new place as a gift. I had some ideas, involving polymer clay and little glass tiles, in mauves, creams, silvers and blacks which are her favourite colours. I then had a brain storm regarding a used metal photo frame, polymer clay insert, a little hand sculpted shelf thing, hooks and broken glass. When I went to purchase the frame from a thrift store, I saw some mini ones. Something told me "get those, you'll want to use them!" So, I did. The next day, on the way to work, I had a sudden flash image in my head, trying to work out a design for my friend's gift. I began visualizing a 3 d outcropping of a little rectangle shelf sculpted out of the polymer clay, tiled with little mini glass tiles. I suddenly So knew what I wanted to do with the little mini metal photo frames!

I do my own hair colouring at home. When I do it, I tend to remove rings that stick up too much. I do have a little plate near the sink full of jewellery I pick and choose from on occasion. I set my ring/rings in there sometimes, but sometimes I don't and sometimes I forget where I've put them. Now, if I had something that hung right by my sink that'd be perfect! And, if it also served as a decorative piece, even better! Thus was born the idea of a little decorative polymer clay, embellished ring holder in a little metal picture frame, that hangs on a wall, with a little hand sculpted basin in which to put one's ring in while using a sink! I looked, I see nothing exactly like it anywhere, being made and sold! Wow, a unique twist on an idea that is all my own? Yay! So, I have created my first one, and with some trial and error lessons learned, I am so thrilled with it! I love it and I want to make myself one, that will be right up my own taste alley, as soon as possible! So, if they begin to appear elsewhere, besides in my Etsy store, I at least know that the first were original to me :-)

Pics will follow shortly as well as the first one available through my Etsy store POOLYGAMY. They will each be unique, not a repeated exact design, and custom orders will be able to be accomodated, as in couple initials being one idea.

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