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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Weird Wired and Ready!

Well, I finally got a few of my polymer clay and wire pendants up in my Etsy store POOLYGAMY!

Poolygamy, began with my pool ball anklets (POOL) but more than just that one theme (YGAMY). All my polymer clay and wire pendants will be naive, folk, Boho, whimsical and naive in their design, which is intentional. They are one of a kind which means each is made entirely by sculpting by my hand and never will they be 100% repeated in their design. I began conceptualizing and creating them in 2006 and if you see them exact to mine Anywhere else, those are not the genuine article :-) All my pendant designs are © Jocelyn Ball

I have many many ideas for my wired figures, so checking back here and there is suggested :-) Right now, there is a mermaid, and Caribbean dancing girl, and a bold, chunky folk style nested dove in heart pendant. All are ready to ship!

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