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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Venues my Designs and Photography are Available Through


Below are links to the venues where I offer prints of my original fine art photographs. They are available as framable prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, and more.

my fine art photography on Fine Art America

my fine art posters, prints and wrapped canvas prints on Zazzle

selected fine art photography through Crated


Both these venues are where buyers are able to purchase select high resolution images of my original fine art photographs that they may have conveniently printed where they reside, therefore no shipping costs, and on any media of choice and display for personal enjoyment at home or in the office. Reproduction and commercial use rights remain with me the photographer unless otherwise stated or specifically negotiated by contacting me directly.

buy digital downloads of high resolution photo files through Sellfy

buy digital downloads of select fine art photographs and derivative use files through Etsy


Via these venues below, you are able to find and purchase many different products which are available with my original graphic designs, my own photography elements coupled with graphic design elements, my digitally created original abstract texture designs, as well as humorous text and image concepts and designs. 

Popular products include wedding invitations, throw cushions, greeting cards, business cards, desk name plates, rsvp cards.

Throw cushions of various sizes and pricing are available through Zazzle, Society6 and now Fine Art America - Fine Art America actually has the largest variety of sizes. I have personal knowledge that each venue's quality for throw cushions is excellent!

find my designs on a variety of quality gifts and home decor on Zazzle

throw cushions on Pixels (affiliated with Fine Art America)

purchase home decor items through Society6


Introducing Poolygamy, a very new store, but not the concept nor the items. Look for future added items!

In 1999, I began working with polymer clay and interference powders to create hand made earrings. I still have 2 pairs of the old ones I created that I wear to work.

In 2006, I began creating pool ball or billiard themed anklets as well as hand made polymer clay pendants and funky themed one of a kind items. I combined polymer clay and wire as well as charm embellishments. Hand made themed drawer pulls were also an item I created. I sold these items quite successfully via eBay and the ideas were original to me.

My idea came from the fact that I played for almost 10 years in an amateur billiards league in Durham Region, the Canadian version of the APA, finals are played every year in Vegas. I wanted pool ball beads and I could not find any anywhere, so I began to make them.

My original, signature pool ball anklets were the basis for my new store on Etsy. These anklets are original to me and if you see them anywhere else, know that they are not original to that seller. The 8 and 9 balls that I make are hand made by me with polymer clay. My store About Page on Etsy for Poolygamy tells the story behind my creations.


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