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Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Birth of a Mermaid

In 2006, I began creating whimsical little figure pendants from polymer clay and wire. Mermaids were my most popular on eBay. These pendants were so enjoyable to create, so therapeutic in nature was the task, and no 2 were exactly alike. They were my original concept and design, which began with dancing girl figures.

Sneak peek of their birth again in 2015. They will slowly be available in my Etsy store Poolygamy.

The store is mainly billiard themed for my original billiard ball stretchy anklets, the 8 and 9 balls I created by hand, and strung them with either vintage beads or an eclectic assortment of glass, metal, wood and plastic spacer beads. They stretch right over the foot to sit comfortably on the lower shin just above the ankle.

The store also will begin carry my original, funky, unique, whimsical and weird figure pendants by early February 2015!

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