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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Sense of Humour

I have one, I do.

It works on certain occasions, with certain people, a certain comfort level, the back and forth comes natural when the other participant triggers it properly. I even can honestly put it on resumes when I've applied to jobs - cause it's true :-) It's been proven lol!

In any event, it is so much Fun, quite the high, when it works well, makes people belly laugh or pee (in my instance for instance, having had kids - jumping jacks are Out I tell you!)

Recently, I have had 2 brain storm moments. These are original thoughts to me. One, I was walking out of PINK (the cheaper Victoria Secret, the polka dot dogs and all) with my purchase and I thought, you know what? I F'ing work, I work hard, I've worked since 11 for F sakes, I dive in all the way, I'm brave (I guess), I work full time and I do my artwork and life model after working all day once in a blue moon too, to support myself, fill my passion for art, and to help out responsibly with my kids' school while they are Kids, etc. (make a list). I can Buy something once in a while (ok, lately it's been a wee bit More than my norm, I was great at being a miser in my teens and 20s, gotta get back to that - right after this last buy lol!)

As I walked out of the last store, I thought, lucky I work and have a pay cheque, plus actually Like my job, or I would not have been able to buy these things. That is when a couple of images and text thingys hit my brain. Voila le resultats ci dessous!

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