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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Interesting Colour Palette Creating and Sharing Site

Discovered this site from another Zazzle designer. It looks very interesting though I haven't fully discovered exactly the whole usage possibilities of it. It is called Colour Lovers.

It could become very addicting, especially for visual people, as collecting anything colourful is highly addictive lol!

You are able to make up a colour palette with 5 colours, choosing from sliding bars similar to Photoshop. You are able to name your palette, name colours and even see what they configure like in many different types of patterns. If nothing else, it is fun!

Not sure what the applications are for these creations, palettes, patterns, etc. My thinking on it so far is that one is able to store some of their most favourite colour combos for later reference, try out new colour combos to see how they balance before designing patterns, etc., and ..... a big plus - being inspired by other combinations that oneself may never venture out of their favs or usual colour combo leanings :-)


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