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Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to Get the Checker Board to Show in a Sample PNG Image for Listing Digital Downloads

Probably most know I but thought I'd share. I ran into the issue when I wanted to list one for sale on Etsy.

When one is creating a png image, the graphic for a transparent part of a design or illustration is shown as a diluted checker board pattern. Hence, since it is the transparent area, it never will show if saved in any way, it either goes white if saved as a jpg. As a png, it just shows whatever is below, through,

So, if one is selling digital downloads that are png images, and wants one of the sample thumbnail images in their listing to Show as having a transparent background, show it is a png file, there is a simple way of capturing the checker board background that is universally known to be transparency.

No, not make it yourself and put it behind and save as a jpg, though it would work, it is too Much work lol! Just take a screen shot of your png file open in Photoshop, Lightroom, etc., and screen print, open a new file, crop the image out of your computer screen screen shot, save as jpg :-) Voila! It shows the checker board as par tof the image :-)

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