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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Happy Accident Faux Batik Elephant Design

A while back, I designed 3 different creatures with decorative parts of their bodies. The lady bug, I had her with filigree wings, the bird, wings again, and the elephant I did with decorative filigree and stripe ears in his case.

In order to create these creatures, I had to attempt to learn how to use Vectors to draw shapes cleanly. I did create the lady bug solely by using and cutting shapes but the elephant I could not get away with this. Soooo, my husband proceeded to help me to learn to use vectors in Photoshop CS5 to create my shapes.

After much cursing and swearing and stubborn determination, and hours, I ended up with a birdy (much easier) and an elephant (bloody difficult compared) and a bit of an understanding on how vectors work.

Well, recently, I had this image in my head that the flat graphic shapes were boring. I had this a while back but finally decided to attempt to add some texture. I basically wanted just some sort of fibre texture and semi broken upness of the creatures. However, it extended to something that I was happy to see and was a happy accident yet again.

After 4 different Photoshop file creations, opening a new file after a certain stage of the image I had, I ended up with a primitive batik looking design. I had Batik in my head so I head to research to make sure it did resemble what I recall batik sometimes looking like. I had bought a couple batiked tops years ago online and it brought those images to mind for me. Some batiking (ok most) is quite elaborate, but some is more simple in shapes and naive in style. My elephant was just that to me. Sooooo, my batik elephant design, after about 2 hours of playing around and 4 PS files later :-) Below are the 4 screen shots of these files in chronological order, beginning with my old original graphic decorative black elephant from about 8 months ago.

Now, a fox lol! I like foxes better than elephants. I'll post some of his creation stages soon :-)

my original decorative elephant illus.

my created texture I intended for the elephant

elephant after texture used over him and grunge brushes on him

the final resulting image - now I can use mapping to alter colours

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