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Friday, 9 January 2015

Bought on Etsy!!!! So LOVE It! Zippology!

Ok, so I said I would Not buy anything else. But, I did. Last thing for a bit :-) I'm doing ok on Zazzle so I figured, I will buy a nice piece I can wear at work, to add to my small wearable steampunk collection.

PeteandVeronica's Etsy Store ZIPPOLOGY

Do visit! They make awesome unique pieces!!!! I bought a steampunk victorian influence zipper cuff bracelet. The image below is from their Etsy store, it is their thumbnail image, and is the piece I purchased which I am so looking forward to showing off on my wrist at work :-) Plus, I love supporting independent artists and artisans who work hard and choose to make a living doing something they love!

Click on the image to visit Zippology!

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