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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wow - Good and Bad

Well, I ordered 2 of my original photos as prints from Zazzle, on a day with Huge savings (shipping is expensive to Canada) as I had wanted to see the quality of the prints, and to give one as a gift.

The prints I ordered were satin poster prints. They quality I have to say was excellent, though the paper was thinner than I envisioned, though I didn't order the top quality paper, I ordered Value Poster Paper Matte. However, even given that, they are by far MUCH better than Black's Photography printed for me back when I needed a print done for a show I had been accepted into. The value range and colors in both my prints from Zazzle were superb! I have to say, I am extremely pleased. Both images had a lot of areas full of subtle value changes.

Though, I have No idea who to blame for the fact that my prints arrived folded :-( The sort of thinnish packaging by Zazzle or Canada Post? None of my buyers have returned poster items they bought on Zazzle so ...... probably the mail carrier. If I were a buyer, and not just purchasing to see the quality, I'd probably have asked to return them as damaged and request a replacement. Given that, I did opt for cheaper shipping, not tracked nor insured, so that also could have an affect on how they were treated during delivery.

All in all, I am thrilled with the quality of my images on these prints from Zazzle!

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