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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Excited! Fine Art America Has Throw Cushions Now!!!!!!

Well, I really had Not been paying too much attention to FAA as mostly I see my hits are probably just bots lol! Not to mention all the probably copyright infringed derivative stuff featuring famous sports people, certain high school teacher turned C dealer tv show rip off art, etc. - sorry! Pet Peeve here :-(  that shows up as Recently Sold - kind of makes for a disconcerting venue for professional artists/photographers. HOWEVER!!!!!

The sister site where prints, cards, etc. could be bought through now offers Throw Cushions!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!

It will be work, and I can only set aside tiny increments of time as I have other art related things going on that I have set goals to finish by late Spring 2015, but I will begin to upload and offer many of my designs already designed for pillow sales on Zazzle, to FAA. I sell quite a few pillows through Zazzle. It could be possible that exposure to my photography may increase on FAA if my gallery is found through searches for pillows.

Since I do not feel many of my fine art images do I want printed as pillows, I will have a separate Gallery category for my Graphic Design Pillows on Fine Art America.

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