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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sold My First Photo Via Etsy!

Albeit, with the help of another wonderful member adding me to a treasury. Still, it is exciting! Even more so after coming home from the RMG Exposed event which was a bit odd feeling and weird an experience. It is a photography event and it just made me realize I want to continue to be a painter, not a photographer! lol! However, seeing a first sale of a small photographic print at 11pm before heading to bed was quite uplifting :-)

I love photography, always included it as a first important step towards working up a painting - the reference. It didn't need to be great, nor perfect, it could have bad composition, elements that didn't work in it, etc. because I obviously would be working up my drawing and composition how I wanted and according to what works balance and visual wise, despite what was in the reference. The reference just allowed me to be able to observe and render a subject's form. I also love the enjoyment my husband and I get from long hikes, often 3 or more hours, and all the critters, flowers, atmosphere, textures and light/shadow situations that draw me to shoot a photo during it.

My first sale was a small print of a chickadee perched on a dead Queen Anne's Lace. Soft neutral colour palette, a cute pose on the perched bird, and lovely detail in the feathers, against a soft end of season caramel background.

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