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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Funny Chipmunk Clock Design

A few years back, I took this funny image of a chipmunk while it was eating. When we got home and viewed it on the computer screen, as we always did a slide show of all the images I shot from our hikes, we noticed it was quite a humorous image. It gave me the idea a couple years later for a funny gag type belated birthday card. The card attracts a lot of interest in Pinterest, gets a lot of hits, but has yet to sell.

I designed a clock that also could have a funny phrase that relates to freaking out about being late. A great gift for someone who is chronically late! Or, just a funny animal lover gift, or man cave decor, rec room humour, dorm room clock, etc.

The image was too small as I had to crop in on a photo I took with a 300mm lens, so I worked it into a graphic framing broken up checker board paint splotch modern design which would lead into a dark background.

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