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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Etsy - It's All Starting to Come Back to Me Now

... that Etsy was not my strongest venue option in the past.

As an artist, I sold quite a few small original paintings through eBay for a short while. I hit eBay just as that stuff was beginning to hit its peak and crash so I did not bad, about $400 to $600 a month for about 4 months. Traditional realism was far more difficult a sell than decorative "over the couch" sort of paintings in trendy subject matter. As well, I had to work small as large for me would take months and the price just wouldn't be good enough through eBay. One great thing though was the $1.56 Can. I earned on the US $1. This meant that if I listed and sold a painting for $180 I'd get $280 Canadian.

The subjects I sold on there were small still life, landscape, and a few small acrylic figurative pieces which I worked more loosely and just used myself as the model for.

There were a few artists on there doing well with realism, but large realism, and they built a following, and eventually ended up picked up by galleries. Not sure if they still sell through eBay. One I think does, a painter and the original initiator of "a painting a day" and who is an excellent painter.

I eventually quit using eBay and just concentrated on portraits as the US dollar dropped, fees for listing and relisting went up, lots of non paying bidders began to rear their ugly heads, and too many people wanted a bargain.

To make a long story short, I discovered Etsy though I cannot recollect how. I listed some pieces on Etsy and a couple portrait commission options (human and animal) I did get a few commissions though not sure how many. What I found was that Etsy had a lot of crafter type stuff on it, antique item type resellers, knitted stuff, hand made kids clothes, etc. at that time and didn't seem to be the greatest venue for doing well with original artwork, especially of the traditional style.

Etsy is full of wonderful jewellery makers, lots of unique hand done creations, etc. but in the last year, having been away from it for a long long time, coming back, I noticed that there are some assembly line overseas sweat shop type flea market like item sellers on it that were not there at the beginning days of Etsy. However, it is not often hard to differentiate those sellers from real sole owner small business artisan/crafter/artist shop owners.

A few weeks ago I figured, hey, what the heck, I'll list some of my photography as available prints through Etsy. I have a great professional printing house who I have used to print a piece for a juried photography show I had a piece accepted into, the RMG Exposed 2014 show, who I will have my original photographic images printed through for buyers. They are called Le Pix and are located near my home. They did supreme justice to my image and I am thrilled with the quality of their papers and how my photograph printed!

I do know photography is a hard sell, lots of competition, everyone can do it sort of attitude towards it. What an artist brings to any visual medium will be consistent however, and I know that my photography is consistent with my paintings in that it begins with my attraction to the light and atmosphere and textures in a subject, as well as the feeling I receive from viewing any given subject and its exciting qualities.

Having said that, it was slightly discouraging to discover that many long time successful sellers have suddenly began to experience a slump in sales, some an almost complete halt - seems again I have hit a venue at a down flux - a bigger hurdle than just attempting to be found among many competitors. So, we'll see. I will give it till summer and see. This also is coupled with the fact that all my feedback seems to be gone. I guess it was all too old. Not sure though, as it is hard to recall what I sold through there as opposed to eBay. This is something that could discourage a buyer but, we'll see.

I'd Love to make one photography sale before the end of 2014.

Happy to report though that I am picking up selling wise via Zazzle :-) 

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