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Sunday, 2 November 2014

A Little Realization - Pinterest

I don't pin often, I guess I find that I just forget. Plus, my Pinterest albums could use some sort of logical business oriented organizing.

However, I pinned a few of my own items today, to my Best Sellers on Zazzle album. Well, CLICK! Light bulb went on - I get a little window showing other Pinterest albums where my product has been pinned by others in every case. The only draw back is you only get shown one album in the pop up window, not all the albums it's been pinned to. But, then, if you follow the See It Now prompt, you will then see any other albums it is pinned in :-)

Well, learned today that this is one way of seeing if an item has been pinned from Zazzle and where. Probably most everyone already knows this though lol! This also could explain the 3rd party referrals I see on most if not all my royalty history for these sold items :-)

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