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Monday, 6 October 2014

Really Really Worn Out Pillow!!!

Ok, not really, just a result of another venture learning how to create my own textures in Photoshop.

3 years ago, if I had seen a Photoshop file like this one below that I worked up, my brain would not be able to comprehend what I was seeing. I didn't even know what all those little icons on the top and sidebar were, except maybe for crop lol!

To think, in a matter of 3 years, much of it in the last year, thank you to my husband helping me learn, and playing around beyond a couple tutorials, I know what blending modes, masks, smart objects, faux finishing brushes, filters, high pass, etc. are and can do! It's so exciting! I can even actually change the dimensions of a done design from square to rectangle with very minimal to nil destruction to the pixels! You cannot do that just with a regular file. There will be pixel destruction.

This file here is a Photoshop file in which I used a texture file I created first, in monochrome (2nd image), underneath an older design I created a while back, rectangle L shapes in 3 colors. I added the distressing texture and also rounded the corners. I swear as kids we had frigging worn out cork coasters with a similar design, in the 70's! Deja Vu kicked in after I made this lol!

This pillow below, available on Zazzle, is just one example of an item I have made a distressed, retro design available on. 

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