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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Got The 1960s Retro Bug!

Ok, having been born in the mid 1960s, I cannot 100% recall exactly what everyone's style looked like, the colors, etc. but .... grew up with much of it still present in the house till even into the early 1980s.  My parents had the Farber Brothers Krome Kraft coloured glass topped cocktail glasses, which I still have, we had the ugly scratchy green material and teak furniture, we had the hideous boat tapestry on the very same green scratchy material hanging from a wood bar, we had the hideous real llama white throw rugs that my cats later peed on 20 years later, and the typical Sears pattern blanket on the end of the bed. We had that stuff and I do recall it lol! And then there is the girl I can recall in the laundromat of the building we lived in in Thorncliffe Park in Toronto, with the long long hair parted in the centre and the bell bottom jeans, talking to my Mom one day while I sat on the dryer lid at 4 years old.

However, there's Google, and the vintage clothing show I went to on the weekend with my husband and his daughter, where I ended up buying a coat born in the 60s just like me :-) I've always liked the 1960s style and I've gotten the Retro color palette bug.

I used a design I had previously made, added 3 more shapes to it, and used some retro colours that I felt work well or neat together, and put up some pillows with the pattern and retro colours.

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