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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Designer Status on Zazzle

Frankly, I was thrilled to see Zazzle change our status to Designer on their venue. Reason being? We are designing and our graphic designs, photographic work, illustrations, paintings, etc. are being reproduced on products. In the case of canvas and poster prints, it begins to move into more so the realm of offering fine art, the image Is the product and the canvas or paper is the surface it is represented on.

Zazzle is the Seller, they make available the products, they handle dealing with the manufacturers of said products, they run the venue where the products are offered for sale, they handle all the customer relations and service, the shipping, etc. Though we do market, Zazzle also markets. What we as individual designers specifically tend to market is for buyers to purchase Zazzle's offered products but with Our design as opposed to another's design :-) Affiliates, that is another branch of the tree however. Then, the concept moves into the various manufacturers, the makers of the bare product.

I like this, I feel happy about this change. I am an artist and designer and I want to be known as such. That is my link in the chain. I have worked all my life to hone those skills, both in my visual painting and drawings, as a photographer, and as well as graphic design intending my designs to be for use on available saleable quality items.

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