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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cutest Pets and Animals by Digital Artist Emmil

This artist's work really appealed to me and I bought Christmas cards for 2015 from Emmil - known as PETOPET on Zazzle. In this store, you will find whimsical, gorgeous, adorable bird, pet, animal and fantasy illustrations available on a variety of gifts, cards, products for your home, etc. Their work is truly adorable and well done! I await my card purchase with glee!

I bought the baby foxes (kits) and snowmen seasonal card. Immediately upon seeing this image on other products, I asked Emmil to please consider making it available as a card, somethign any potential buyer should feel comfortable enough doing for any Zazzle designer, as they'd be More than happy to accommodate! Emmil did, and I bought some! Foxes are a special thing to myself and my husband as when we first were together a few years ago, where we lived, on an industrial and residential mixed street near Lake Ontario east of Toronto, we'd see 3 baby foxes playing on the grass area and abandoned open area across the street where there was a strip of industrial units in a couple old buildings. Never have we forgotten the joy of seeing them and the sound at night of their voices.

Another favourite is the I Love Rodents illustration. If only we bought adult family gifts at Christmas, this would be the Perfect gift for one of them in my husband's family! I myself love rodents too, I love domestic rats especially.

Below are just a sample of a few of the fantastic illustrations on items that PETOPET has to offer. Be sure to visit the store for many more :-)

Warm winter cute cartoon greeting cards
Warm winter cute cartoon greeting cards by petopet
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Still around card
Still around card by petopet
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