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Thursday, 23 October 2014 Review

A very good friend of mine who lives in Ottawa, a court room illustrator, let me know about a site that caters to photographers and artists who would like to offer good quality prints of their work. The site is and is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, our nation's capital :-)

Well, I looked and I did like the feel of the site. Though there are some snap shot type images, there are a lot of good pieces available!

One thing that concerned me was of a technical nature, a potential hurdle. Most of my images I worked on and saved in a sRGB workspace and with that same profile. Zazzle prefers sRGB files is the reason. Well, Crated recommends and prefers Adobe RGB 1998 :-( So, what will become of my images if they are printed? Do I have to convert all my images ?! To discover this, I went ahead and wholesale ordered (artists are able to do that on Crated, order their own work at wholesale prices) of my sRGB image file that I also had already put up on the site in my gallery, the first image.

Well, upon receiving it, I was thrilled at the quality! It printed as my image should look, the correct colors, despite having uploaded an sRGB.

For some reason, I uploaded the wrong crop, which I have no idea why I had saved in the first place as the image I offer in my gallery is correct and not cropped. This threw me for a sec until I realized it was My mistake lol! So, my error aside, I learned that I am able to trust the quality of the images that Crated would potentially be sending out to buyers.

Here I have photographed my actual print, which you will see has a bit of a glare here since the surface is a satin semi gloss finish, and the colours of course are not having justice done to them since this is a photo of a printed photo :-) The print also came rolled in a very thick tube, not a tight diameter so as to kink the image or cause it to remain really rolled once opened, but way more than enough to protect it in transit :-) The paper is thicker than a normal photograph.

I will admit that the only think I would prefer and wish that Crated would offer is a small border for matting and framing. The image is flush to the edge, no border. So, one must take this into consideration when choosing images to offer as mats will crop up to about 1/4" on images if they get framed afterwards.

My Photography Gallery on Crated

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