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Friday, 12 September 2014

Wild Turkey Anyone?!!!

So cool to see I sold my turkey feather pillow! lol!!! I never expected to sell this .... well, just because it is kinda bizarre lol! But I love it!

This design on it came from a macro photo I shot of the feathers of the resident wild turkey clan that we saw so many times on our walk at Lynde Shores in Whitby, Ontario. We've even been lucky to see the cute little babies (future Thanksgiving dinners we call them lol! - kidding!!!!) 3 years in a row.

One year, we got to see 4 male turkeys courting the female turkeys, tails up and on display. It was quite a thrilling experience. My personal blog has a post about it.

We saw them again this year, even though we no longer live right near there, and my husband was feeding them some left over bird seed, which is what they come out to look for at Lynde Shores as there are chickadee feeding paths there. The turkeys come from a neighbouring farm field.

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