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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Customized Girl - Trying Out a Store Front There

Although it seems to be geared more towards trendy teen stuff, and American school sports teams paraphernalia, I am giving a store a go on the POD site Customized Girl.

Originally, what sold me was the at they have pillow cases! However, the design area is not full bleed over the whole pillow case surface :-( Ah well, I continued on anyway.

They do have some items which I really like such as their little metal tins, a round and rectangular one. These are perfect for little gift ideas for Valentine's Day, Halloween gift, teacher gift, anniversary, trinket box, etc. You could put a gift card in it even! Of course, candy, chocolates, etc. also work. The lid is where your image or design goes so really, the versatility for uses is endless.

Below, I have partial screen shots of 2 of my finished tins, awaiting approval right now. It takes a short time to have your design approved, not very long, less than an hour it seems. The interface for designing is fairly user friendly. Your uploaded image has to be 10mb or less. There also is no white ink used. White in your design will be gone and the colour of the product's surface replaces it.

There are many interesting items available to put your designs and artwork on. There are fonts and I do like that you are able to curve your text.

There is an odd number sequencing ability system to sequence what order your items show in in your store but the FAQs explain how it works and it is actually quite neat.

All in all, though I'm not really familiar 100% with the site yet, it seems to be fairly good, and my husband did not find bad reviews of it.

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