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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Zazzle Article

Sharing an article on selling via Zazzle, that I feel is fairly good. I will admit that lots of it I knew but don't like to "hear" lol! As in: market market market via social media, etc. I don't do a lot of that, feel awkward even bothering and do not have a business page on FB, and frankly, I do not have that much spare time outside of my full time job. I don't even understand what many of the persons on Zazzle are even talking about when they get into tech talk about different marketing software type available programs, free and otherwise, that are available. My mind goes "shut down time lol!" One can only do So much every evening and weekend. Though, I do use Wanelo (I make a half assed effort lol!) and though I cannot be sure, my hits and sales started increasing the very month I opened Wanelo. Statcounter I use btu it really does not give real accurate data I feel, I find it extremely confusing and cannto match anything to the hits and sales I see in my Zazzle store. The one thing that is probably key is Volume. I'd say Variety too. Important too is consistent Brand - one's work should probably have consistency or a Brand, Theme, whatever. Atleast each individual Store probably should. Anyway, seeing as I make a small figure per month compared to many who diligently work every day designing, listing and marketing on Zazzle, I'm no expert. This article has a lot of good insights. There are many articles, one just needs to Google :-) How to Make Money on Zazzle - by Edd Biel

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