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Monday, 11 August 2014

Picky and Choosey Me

Not sure how many other Zazzle designers also do this, but there are products I just have No interest in putting my designs on. The reasons vary from; I feel my themes and work don't suit the product, I'd have to fool around way too much to make my images work on the product, I personally find the product too small, etc. All the way to; The product just does Not appeal to me personally at all (dumb maybe but.....).

 One such new set of products that fall into my "I don't really have an interest in creating those" are all the new food products. No interest, I'll leave it to all the other people to design for those. One thing is I am not 100% keen on how they look, plus it just seems way to perishable lol!

 Previous products I sort of avoid are luggage tags (maybe 'cause I can't relate), jars and tins, aprons (I don't cook lol!), nail decals, base ball caps (may be big sellers, but No, absolutely Not, no), and skateboards. Main reason is they just don't appeal nor do they suit most of my designs. There's more but off the top of my head I can't think of what they all are. I am assuming there are many many designers who also work similar to that, they have their favourite products and the ones they just don't care to design for.

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