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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Lovin' The Stone Magnet Sets

Ok, here is a product that appeals to me, it gets the creative juices a flowin', feeds the Zazzle addiction, and the naturalness of theme is right up my alley!

Some of the surface textures do Not work with all images but I've often listed them without restricting all but one of the surface options from the buyer anyway.

One of the biggest draws is the fact that one can create themed sets in the 4 magnet choice, allowing for 4 different images on each stone magnet! Love it! So many of my designs fit creating the set of 4 magnets. They are also not tiny tiny, 2" square, which is awesome. I'd love at some point to see their actual surfaces by ordering a set for myself. They appear to be of very high end quality and I Love natural stone!

Just a few of the offerings I have already made available though my Zazzle store are:

Pair of Swans Gazing Love Bird Wedding Date Stone Magnet
Pair of Swans Gazing Love Bird Wedding Date Stone Magnet by artbyjocelyn
Find other Pair of love bird swans Stone Magnets at

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