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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hell of a Lot of Work is a Calendar!

Well, after months of saying, "I gotta make a bird calendar", I did do one. It took about 7 hrs +. The + happened when I viewed my published calendar and saw that one image was a template, so the image could be changed by the buyer. What TF! While I was creating it, I did catch that I had made an image a template, but I corrected it I thought. I later learned that you have to unclick template, close the dialogue box, which removes the whole Template options, reopen it using the gear icon again, then it'll have all the choices available again and I can click Lock. But, I guess by just unchecking Template and clicking Lock didn't change the option and it got published that way. Probably should have waited till the next day when my brain would be fresh again as I went in to Customize and republish after removing the one page's template option for the image, but I kept choosing the wrong element on the page :-(  Man, I was going to have to start from scratch again I thought :-(

Turned out finally I realized what I was doing, got it straightened out, and published it again. Luckily I hadn't shared the Link much yet as I had to remove that bad link to the wrong calendar.

So, I have one available calendar :-) I am pleased with how it turned out. The difficult but fun part was choosing from my hundreds of bird photos. I tried sticking to ones that were shot in the same month that the calendar page they would be used in, but it wasn't always possible, however, I kept it fairly accurate. One image does differ from the rest as it is more of a collage. This is July's image. I was at an Aug 1st celebration here in Canada in 2012 and it was just beginning to storm during the fireworks display. I took a shot of what I hoped was lightning, and when I got home to view my images, I had Lightning, Geese flying across the lit up area, and Fireworks all in one shot lol! The image was vertical so I used a second image to create a backdrop to the lightning image.

There are a large variety of birds, I tried not to duplicate any species. Some are migratory and some are all year round. I live in southern central Ontario, in one of Toronto's greater Toronto areas, and many of these birds can be seen from the southern US to north of us on their migratory paths.

The cover photo came around by a happy accident! I was using an image I took of the barred owl who was a local resident in Durham Region, Ontario, by the shores of Lake Ontario, where I lived for many many years before moving back to Toronto. In this shot, she had her face turned towards the afternoon sun, eyes closed, just so serene looking and cute. I had her cut out of her busy background and had a soft dark brown behind her. Using a mask, I was correcting and softening her edges when turning off a layer caused me to view a lovely vignetting effect around her, fading out her lower chest area. I loved it! So I worked it to be more pleasing and left that as the cover image.

This is my first calendar and I hope to have time to create a flower and sunset one, and possibly a natural textures one.

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