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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Beginning an Affiliate Link Page on my Website

UPDATE: Due to some changes recently on Zazzle, I have decided to discontinue my affiliate listings for others' products on my website.

Such a tedious and frustrating task, to do it in the way in which I want to, but getting there. I will add to it as time or inclination permits. I love so many designs on Zazzle and as I run across new ones, I will choose and include some of them in my affiliate page.

To begin with, I wanted to take the already built link right from the Share menu on a product page on Zazzle but when I add it to an embedded code element on my Weebly web page, some of the text is black - this does not work on my deep red brown background colour that is in the style I chose for my pages. I do not want to choose a new template style and all the colours associated with the choice I made are all darker values. Therefore, I am saving the product images, adding a soft border, and building my own product page, then copying, pasting and altering just the text part right from the product page which is below the image in the Share, Link window. The text when copied retains its links and I then am able to add that to a Text element on my page and then am free to edit the text, links, and all.

There are various ways or concepts that could be applied to building an Affiliate page, store, site, etc. One is to grab already Top Selling products, regardless of their theme or whatever, and just include those. This would obviously be a far more lucrative choice. However, I want to expose designs that fall more into my own personal tastes and that somewhat continue as well as expand on the whole vein of my own Zazzle store concept - more earthy, not just designs following typical trends, artsy, Boho, unique, even bordering on the weird. I want my Affiliate page to compliment and work harmoniously with my own site's theme.

A screen shot of the beginning stage is below. I look forward to adding to it and possibly helping other designers who's work I love hopefully make some sales!

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