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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A Redesign is in Store (no pun intended ;-)

The last little while, well ok, Long while, I've been itching to revamp my Zazzle Store Category image icons. I am a person who like to tweak everything, I am fussy, I am picky, and a perfectionist. Is my "perfection" always someone else's taste? I'd be doubtin' er, but hey.

I want to make a nice little collage image with pseudo actual products from each category. I say Pseudo because I am unable to purchase All the products, susequently set them up like a still life and photograph them, that I'd like to use to do this with lol! I will use the image of the product, and in Photoshop Elements I will make a nice little hopefully 3 dimensional little collage display.

I feel this will be far more attractive that just putting up an image of only 1 of the designs on products (like I have presently) in said category. There is the opinion that most sellers don't get visits to their store front, but ah well, I still want to do this for those few visitors that may end up on my store front page :-) And.....because I personally will like better how it looks :-)

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