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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Sold 4 Pillows!

Upon sitting and eating my breakfast before work this morning, I glanced at my Zazzle account. To my surprise there was a fairly large amount sitting pending (large for me anyway lol). It ended up being for an order for 4 pillows. Pillows are my favourite things to create with my designs, maybe because other than a canvas print, they are the closest to displaying my designs on a canvas print that I can get enjoyment from. At first pillows seemed like a hard sell via Zazzle, but since they began offering the more reasonably priced choices, I have actually sold quite a few.

These pillows I had just created, using a pattern I had already designed a few months back, one I really was excited to end up with at that time. I had a brainstorm to have a colour show instead of white, and I created a lavender, a mint green, a pink and a turquoise. The mint green, which was the colour that was purchased, was my favourite and first test, though I ended up creating that one last or second last, it was my favourite so that was kind of ironic when I saw that it was the one that sold :-) I hope the buyer loves them!

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