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Saturday, 12 July 2014

No More Cafepress!

Well, having gone into my Cafepress shop again this morning, to upload a new design, I saw that my little bit of "profit" is being eaten by their monthly fee of 10% Really? So basically, unless you make enough to receive a payout, they'll end up taking what little commission you make anyway, slowly, month by month. Not good!

I closed my Cafepress shop. I refuse to waste my time on such an un-user friendly interface, sell maybe one thing every 6 months, and then have them steal what little profit may possibly accumulate.

Now, let's hope Zazzle ends up with a manufacturer that makes pillow cases, duvets, and shower curtains. 'Cause then they'd be almost perfect :-)

Not sure how old this article is but it sealed by decision.

Say No to Cafepress

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