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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Danny Augustine - Another Have to Share Post!

There are times when I run into someone's work and designs that cause me to want to post a Have To Share post :-) This person's fall amongst that group for me. I find a lot of people everywhere do fractals, you can buy or get free many programs that you can just play around all day and go "ooh ah that is cool!" and there have been for years and years. But once in a while I'll see a use of fractals or similar type abstract digital designs that stand out and hit you as UNIQUE. The first product of this designer that I have posted is what I am talking about. It is gorgeous. Trees in a woods combined with some abstract digital graphics, a blend if you will. I really Love it! It is so up my alley in that many of my images and designs are nature based and I so love intricate delicate patterns as well.

The second item I also feel is very unique and thought provoking as well as visually exciting and pleasing.

Woods on Lamp Desk Lamp
Woods on Lamp Desk Lamp by Danny_Augustine
Look at other Woods Lamp-In-A-Box Lamp at

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