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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Wild for Animal Print !

Gotta love animal print! I've always been a huge fan of it. It always reminds me of Elvis era for some reason lol! Not that I'm a huge lover of the 50s and 60s or Elvis particularly, it just reminds me of that time period (not that I was alive in the 50s either lol!). Anyway, it seems to have a timeless appeal, keeps reappearing, and in a fresh way often. I wish I had kept some of my animal print tops I had in the 90s!!!

When I first revisited Zazzle in 2013 June, one of the first design s I created incorporated animal print. I had also tried creating it from scratch with shapes and freehand work in Photoshop Elements but wasn't keen on my results so scrapped it. I photographed some of my more recent clothing items with it on, and one old shopping bag, and reworked the patterns, cleaned them up, perfected the shapes, and created graphic patterns from the photographed patterns.

However, I still had the urge to create one from scratch. So, this past week I did try again and this time I didn't give up. Though I was not 100% totally satisfied with my resulting pattern when I match it up with what I envisioned in my mind, I do love it! It resembles the jaguar pattern more than the leopard since it has sort of horse shoe shapes with center dots. I did take some liberties though and really didn't follow to the letter a true jaguar coat pattern. A gradient layer adds dimension and this colour can be altered which is nice :-)

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