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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Weebly - Slowly Progressing

My Weebly website is open :-) and in the very beginning stages of creation. I had to get used to wrapping my brain around web site creation again since having closed my fine art and portrait commission site about 4 years ago. Weebly actually, as I learn, is quite user friendly, I must say!

So far, I have my Home page partially done. The basis for my site is mainly to lead potential buyers to products and gifts which are available through my Zazzle, Cafepress, Fine Art America, and Society6 online store pages. Choosing 3 main categories, Creations, Photography, and Art, visitors are able to explore these 3 different applications of my work. The Creations and Photography galleries basically divide my graphic designs and fine art photography, as well as feature a few of what I feel or know are my most popular and favourite images and prodects. The Art category is more a viewing gallery, mostly just for interest sake. It features some of my past portraits, paintings, and drawings.
What I intend to then do is break up the Creations (may change that name) page into links that will lead to specific categories like Home, Funny Gifts, Wedding Related, etc. This way, viewers looking for specific items won't need to sift through tons to look at relative products. So far, I have products on the main page for Creations in order to see what things look like :-)

It was quite easy to begin by making use of many elements, like transparent banners, that I have already created for use on designs I have created for use on Zazzle. In doing so however, I discovered that one is unable to add a photo element and then add a text element to sit over the image :-( Soooo, I had to create my 3 banner headings Create, Photography, and Artwork in Photoshop as a PNG image then upload it to Weebly. There is one Theme choice for a site that Does allow you to put text over images but some knowledge is needed due to its format and also, I didn't want to change my Theme.

What I still need to do, which is also not so difficult with Photoshop, is to make the images from Zazzle that display my product, a transparent background. The white frankly, looks crappy and unprofessional against the red brown of the page. I will do this before adding any more of them :-)

All in all, though it will take some time to complete my website, I feel it will be quite nice! It will most likely evolve and change as I go along, as ideas come to me. I would like to have a page that features my favourites of other people's work, linking to their sales page for those items, or their stores. I also would like to have a Sold page for my products that have sold in the past, or my most popular sellers. Once I am satisfied with my site, and it is not so under construction like, I will most likely upgrade to a better plan through Weebly :-)

My Weebly Website

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