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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Shocked - First Sale on Cafepress

Ok, basically, I gave up on this site a few months back for the most part. Its tools for uploading and creating products are Prozac requiring, hair pulling out, anxiety and frustrating building insanity inducing madness! lol! My gawd, really? I have to create and upload hundreds of different scale images for various products!? I cannot just move, scale, enlarge, reduce a large image file right on the site on a template in a design field? If I want to make a king sized duvet for instance, I cannot just upload an image file that can fit onto that product as well as other products? The image size is more than big enough that it can cover the whole print area, but no, the dimensions of the width and height have to be exact to the scale of the product's printing area at the design stage. There is really not a good viewing of the product in its entirety on the creation page either, so really, you have No idea 100% if there are white edges possibly showing, etc. even though there is measurement info and such to go by. Craziness! Highly un-user friendly and Give Up inducing lol! Zazzle has much more artistic and creative freedom.

Having said that, I will check my Cafepress account here and there, maybe once every 4-6 weeks. Alas, this morning, don't I see my first sale! A shower curtain with a design of mine that I notice is popular and gets lots of views and has had sales of items featuring it, on Zazzle. My Boho inspired cranberry stained glass quilt texture pattern. This has prompted me to perhaps try to upload once in a while to Cafepress again. There are a lot of products on there which are very cool and are not available on Zazzle. However, I by far favour Zazzle's interface and appeal from the artistic point of view side of me. Cafepress feels far more like just a generic flea market type atmosphere.

NOTE: I have since closed my Cafepress store as their monthly store fees eat every little bit of profit one may make unless one is making tons.

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