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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Doh! Little Did I Know! Love Locks!

Ok, this morning, my fiance (by the way I'm getting married in August 2014) was looking at random things on his cell phone while I worked on my Weebly website. He showed me an image of bike locks with initials on them. I'm like, "hey! I took a photo like that at Whitby Harbour and used it for a wedding save the date item!" He proceeded to mention that there is a famous bridge that is literally Covered in pad locks and that he wanted to see it online. So, I did some investigating and who would have Known that this cool idea I thought I had with the pad locks on the railing along the path at the pier was a 100 or more year old trend called Love Lock! There are tons of objects, trees, fences, etc. being covered with locks. They'd need to be cut off to be removed. So much for it being My original idea for symbolizing locking ones' lives together, eternal love, etc. Doh!

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