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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Stunning Earthy Wedding Invitation Design!!!

I so would actually have a big wedding just so I could order these invitations! They are amazing! So up my alley. I may even order 6 when my fiance and I do get married, for both our 2 kids and ourselves and frame one. So stunning! They are unique, earthy, Bohemian, and speak of nature which we both love! So.....I am Sharing and I hope someone else loves these enough to purchase a set.


  1. Hello Jocelyn! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! It's hard to start a blog. It's harder to keep it going! My post made some success and it felt good. English isn't my mother language so I struggle a lot to put a couple of words together. When I started this blog I wanted to make one that was useful and interesting but it's not easy. I don't blog often. So it's a kind of record of what I've been doing since I created the new store. I want to make it better but time is never enough! If only more people took some time to comment that would be a good incentive! Thank you and good luck with your adventure on Zazzle. Your blog looks good too!

  2. You are welcome!!! Your designs are wonderful.