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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How Funny is That!

I was posting a new canvas up on Zazzle and I really wanted to find out a proper name for the subject. They are the tall marsh grasses that you see all the time in big groups down in marshland or wetland areas. They are fluffy on top, 8+ feet tall in many cases, always a straw color, real pretty. I hate making available an image for sale and have no idea what the proper name of the subject is when it comes to flowers, plants, animals, etc.

So, I do a search in Google "tall marsh grasses". I pull up the page, I go to click images and then I do a double take. "Hey!" the second link has Google image choices and in the 5 sample images isn't my tall grasses in a sunset with lens flare, and its link to my canvas print on Zazzle, one of the images on the Google search page lol! I was shocked I tell yah.

And on top of that, holy crap! This plant is vicious and horrible it seems lol! Ontario's worst invasive species, capable of wiping out other plants, flowers, frogs, turtles and who knows What else! Wow :-( To think it is such a gorgeous plant. Who would have Thought! Read the article below for the down low.

Phragmites australis

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