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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fine Art America - A Sea of Copyright Infringement?

For about 2 years now, sparsely at the beginning, I've used Fine Art America to offer prints of my photography. It's a huge site, difficult to be found unless you can market market market and expose yourself all over, socialize with others online, including probably the forums there, etc. - none of which I spend or want to spend a lot of my spare time on to be honest. But I upload there off and on a few a week or so, sometimes I skip a few weeks. I post off and on to 4 different groups there but confess I don't participate much with anyone on there since I'd rather be creating, photographing as opposed to socializing.

The first page you see when you log in there is a recent Sales page. Some of the sales are confusing since there seems to be a lot of images of artwork done form what is pretty much obviously published commercial images of stars, race car drivers, sports stars, musicians, stills from TV shows, all kinds of subjects I'd not touch with a ten foot pole as an artist at this stage in life. There right there is the huge difference between Zazzle, which I use to offer designs and images on products as well as canvas prints, and FAA. FAA seems to be much less strict with what they will print and allow to be sold. Zazzle is highly strict, even with key words that are copyrighted. IE: You cannot use say; white swan as a key word for an image with an actual white swan because it is a brand name. They will not print an image that has been purchased by a buyer that is in any way a possible violation of intellectual copyrights. They cancel the order and they pull the product from your store. FAA, it seems to be basically sell it as long as you don't get called out by the actual violated party. So, it is very confusing and I've questioned it and discussed it many times at home with my partner, this question about Why are these pieces of artwork allowed be sold there? We both are dumbfounded. There are many discussions on it on the forums to be found which I found by Googling the question but it seems to be the norm on FAA. No answers, but many discussions. So, I say ah well, it is what it is. Plus, buyers buy what they want and they really don't care in many cases. They like the subject, they like what they see, they buy.

Needless to say, I do still upload there though it is difficult to almost impossible to be found, and pretty much guaranteed Not to make a sale on there, but still, it is a venue available. There are many amazing artists and pieces on FAA as well. Though I have decided that a huge effort to market would probably not be worth the precious time. The fun part for me in all this pursuit is shooting the images and working with them regardless of sales anyway. If a sale happens, hey, it's a bonus! The difference between many artists and just sellers, is we'd still create even for no reason.

My Fine Art America Gallery

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