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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Excited About My Alpha Owl Design!

Having a conversation with my son this week, who is a really great designer, excellent on visualizing how to create things with just building up with basic shapes, I began throwing around ideas of my own in my head. He will be creating some graphics for me in the next little while since he is better at that end of art and designing than I am and I will be featuring some of his designs plus adding a Store to my Zazzle offerings once I have his designs organized and ready to go.

In the meantime, from my recent love of birds and owls (it used to be horses and cats lol!) which was born from myself and my partner discovering them a few years back in the wonderful area of Whitby that we resided in then, I came up with a design that I quite like :-) At first, I had visualized just a simple basic owl made from simple shapes incorporated into the phrase "I Love Owls", but as I tossed the idea round I began to see that the letters such as W and S would actually make really great graphic shapes that could build the owl itself. Depending on the font, the letter was a perfect shape for what I wanted. The resulting owl graphic is made up of the letters that spell the word OWLS.

I kept a PSD template that allows me to alter the color into anything I like, even textures if I wanted to.

My original resulting finished Alpha Owl is below :-)

White Alpha Alarm Graphic Owl Design by artbyjocelyn
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