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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Canvas Prints

One of my favourite items to offer on Zazzle are canvas prints of what I feel are my better photography shots. Often times, I do not want to wrap the image around the edges because many elements that I enjoy in my photographs are near the edges and the composition will be changed so that I personally don't care for it as much as the full composition. Therefore, I tend to choose a size for the image that creates the composition I like best. It may be 12x16, 16x24, 18x12, 9x10, whatever. If my image is cropped to an 8x12 scale then I can create a 16x24 canvas print for instance. I could try multiplying by 1.5 and create a 12x18 but in some cases the image may be slightly too small and I will get the warning on Zazzle that I am compromising the clarity of the print if I try to size it that large. Therefore, and this went with the average size my camera was producing in a RAW image, 8x12 was a standard scale my images worked at. I would crop sometimes, to an odd size, say 10x11, or a square, etc. if it worked composition wise. I am a cropper so the higher megapixels my camera is, the larger prints I can create from cropped images . My old camera was a 7.1 megapixel and my new one is a 12 megapixel so I will be able to offer slightly larger prints, granted I don't crop in too much.

So, since I often do not want to compromise my compositions, I size the image right to the corners and edges of the canvas template, overlapping a teeney tiny bit, and I choose a complimentary (often mid to dark) neutral tone as a background color which will create the flat colored edge. This way the canvas print can still be hung flat on the wall, unframed, for a modern look if desired. I then put my name and © symbol which you can create in text by holding ALT and click 0169 at the same time as you hold down the ALT key. There is a wing ding text in Zazzle font options that creates this symbol too but it is fast to just type the sequence I wrote here :-)

I wish I could order one of my own photo canvasses for my place but the shipping to Canada from the US is way too much :-( Though I am sure I'd be thrilled with Zazzle's canvas print quality!

There are many canvas prints in that category in my Natural Design Zazzle Store to choose from. All my own original photographs. Some I have used graphic software and manual work in Photoshop to create a more aesthetically pleasing, impressionistic or corrected composition, light, values, color, etc. - similar to how I approached painting, by instinctual choices.

One example of my latest images available as a canvas print is below. I used a sharpening software then a gradient mask to take down the sharpness in a gradual manner as it rose from the center flowers and monarch butterfly focal point towards the sky, where I wanted a more soft and atmospheric result. I really love the result!

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