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Monday, 3 March 2014

A Little Tip - Transparency Image

Many times, I think of an idea to use one of my photos but for the particular item I want to use it on, a lighter toned down, or partially greyed out version of it would be perfect! For instance, Dry Erase Boards, or invitations where text needs to be used on it.

In stead of creating more transparent versions of the images and uploading them, I have created a 15% transparent white rectangle in Photoshop. I then can add and layer 1 or more, in order to reduce the values of the image, and create a more "faded" or transparent looking version of any image I have already uploaded to Zazzle. This way, I am able to size the transparency as well, to cover all or part of an image.

To make the transparency shape more interesting, say if you would like to use it as a banner or area for text over a photo, it is easy to use shapes in Photoshop to cut out the transparency into any shape one would like. I myself Love jagged edge natural looking ripped paper type edges so I have a few different thickness and shapes of those types of white transparent banners. This way, again, they can be layered over each other to increase the opacity of the transparent area, reducing the strength of the image :-)

Here below is a sample of several rectangular 15% white rectangles, layered over each other and stepped in order to show the change in opacity each time a 15% is added, creating 30%, 45%, and so on.

Below here, is a sample of 2 of part of the jagged edge rectangle shape layered

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