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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Various Uses

There sometimes are alternate uses for a product that was designed specifically for a certain use. The following product, another Zazzle item I am addicted to designing for, is one such product. It is the table card holder.

Years ago, I received a couple of promotional items from friends, and I received a set of frosted colored shapes, all with tall wires with clips on them. I used them as photo holders.

The Zazzle product for table card place holders is a lovely little solid piece of acrylic and it is perfect for displaying and magnifying in very cool ways, graphics and textures, etc. After the event where it is used as a card holder, so you know where your seat is (at least for dinner anyway ), the guest can then take it home and use it to display a photo of their cat, dog, kid, hubby, wife, girlfriend, whatever. It's cute!

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