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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Stupid is as Stupid Does LOL!

Ok, maybe not Stupid, but I sometimes am known to over think things!

A perfect example is my latest idea. I kept seeing these L shapes, turned every which way, backed up against each others' edges. Maybe coming from my long ago exposure to the Bauhaus design stuff that I briefly recall from half asleep episodes during art history slide shows in semi darkness in evening classes where I couldn't help dozing off at the slightest dimming of the lights when I was exhausted from working and going to school lol! Anyway, I decided I wanted to do a simple graphic geometric shapes design next project. I was Supposed to be listing items from designs I've already uploaded but........

Anyway, true to form, don't I make More work for myself than I needed to! I wanted the shapes to have borders, not just be solid colours sitting against each other. I figured it would give it more dimension. I use the rectangular Marquee tool to draw one side of the L shape, then Add with the marquee tool to make odd shaped Ls or 2 rectangles joined into one shape. Then, I Fill with a colour I choose. I then Add a Stroke in a dark colour. I then have to use the Ruler and the Guides to make sure that I line up the next shapes in the right spot so I'm not doubling the thickness of the Inside Border on edges of each shape where they align. This means I have to have one shape under another precisely where the border would overlap perfectly in order to just have it continue, not double.

Later on I realize that to use these designs on pillows on Zazzle, I will need to Add to the Canvas Size and fill with the same tone as the dark borders. The reason being that the design will go off the edge of the pillows if I don't leave enough breathing space. I want to be able to control how much dark border is visual before the edge of the pillow. Well, I do this and now I have a design that allows me to be able to Replace Colour any time I would love to try different combinations :-)

I go to bed after working on these designs a bit on and off Friday night after work, winding down from the week, before and after dinner. I wake up in the morning and a light bulb goes on. Why in hell did I Not just make one layer the solid dark colour and just create the shapes, leaving a thin gap to visually create borders?! LOL! Doh! This is a perfect example of the necessity to wrap one's brain around the concept of LAYERS in Photoshop. With physical paints, markers, etc. of course one cannot physically work this way but in Photoshop.......! One Can!

In the end though, I love my design :-) It seems flowing, balanced and very pleasing and I Love playing with colour combos. It looks particularly stroking on a square wall clock.

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